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A Daley Drops Out. Not Everyone in Politics Knows How to Run for Governor.

William Daley could not manage all his baggage, so yesterday he abandoned the race for the 2014 Democratic nomination for governor of suffering Illinois against unpopular incumbent Pat Quinn. While Daley had operated in the highest levels of politics and government with Democrats Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama, the son and brother of longtime Chicago mayors had never been a candidate.

The state’s powerful Democratic organization opposed Daley, so did Chicago’s. Daley inherited many of the enemies his brother Richard left in his wake as mayor of Chicago. Many downstate Democrats were unhappy with Daley’s anti-gun stands, according to the Chicago Tribune, which tells the tale of Daley’s failed campaign. It sounds like Daley was especially prickly at being portrayed as a member of the banking plutocracy. Daley sounds alternately bewildered and resentful.

Most surprising is Daley’s own surprise at the obstacles he encountered in a race for governor against one of the nation’s weakest incumbents.

Memo to Tom Foley: Study the Daley experience.