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Blunder: Klarides Taunts “So-Called” Moderate Senate Democrats.

Having failed to expend much energy on constructing a bipartisan majority coalition in the House, Minority Leader Themis Klarides lashed out Saturday morning at the Senate Democrats considering opposing a catastrophic union deal. The plan includes a four year no-layoffs guarantee and extends generous benefits to 2027.

Klarides referred to Democrats Paul Doyle, Joan Hartley and Gail Slossberg as "so-called or self-proclaimed 'moderate or conservative' Democratic senators…." The three allies have been fending off intense pressure from fellow Democrats as they scrutinize the details of the Malloy/union deal. Klarides, whose ill-timed intervention was included in a Yankee Institute statement, claimed the three Democrats "position themselves as moderates." The Derby Republican reveals her gossamer intellect by dismissing the notion that unlike her there are legislators who possess fixed beliefs.

The Klarides attack comes at the end of a week when she failed to mount a full assault on close ally and Democratic Speaker of the House Joseph Aresimowicz over the union deal. Klarides brushed aside pleas from her caucus to highlight Aresimowicz's employment with a union that includes state employee bargaining units. Insiders Saturday morning were comparing Klarides' gentle treatment of the Berlin Democrat with her venomous attack on Doyle, Hartley and Slossberg.

The Yankee Institute issued a second statement late Saturday morning praising the trio. It included praise for the three Democrats from Senate President Pro Term Len Fasano, who wrote, “These are hard-working Democrats who in the past have shown the courage and voted what was in the best interest of the state of Connecticut. They've shown a strong resolve to divorce themselves from political pressure and look solely at the facts. I am sure their decision will be based upon what they believe is the best for the state. I know their decision, whatever that may be, is a difficult one for them and will be made after careful consideration of all the facts they have before them."

Hartley in particular provides a striking contrast with insider, attention-craving Klarides. The Waterbury Democrat was removed as Co-chairman of the Higher Education Committee by Democratic caucus leaders Don Williams–now a union official–and Martin Looney because of her sensible independence. They even took away her parking space. Hartley needs no lectures from the go-along Klarides.