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An Old Fashion Investment Strategy for a Tumultuous Week.

You going to get this at Harvard Business School? Not likely, mate.


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Senate Democrats Seek Deputy Buffer. Salary Range: $75k-$85k.

The Senate Democratic caucus is looking for someone to protect their members from the press. The job pays between $75,000 and $85,000 a year, according to the posting. Applicants are not required to be Democrats.

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Legislators Seek Lobbyist Contributions for Segarra Campaign.

A dozen legislators have been putting the squeeze on lobbyists to attend a fundraiser today for embattled incumbent Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra’s re-election campaign. Democrats Ed Gomes, Gary Winfield, Toni Walker, Juan Candelabra, Robyn Porter, Ernie Hewitt, Edwin Vargas, Victor Cuevas, Chris Roasario, Ezequiel Santiago, Hilda Santiago and Minnie Gonzalez are sponsoring the event at the Red Rock Tavern in Hartford today at 5:30 p.m.

The suggested contribution to the event ranges from $100 to $1,000.

Segarra has fallen far behind his patrician opponent from Greenwich, Luke Bronin, in fundraising for the September Democratic primary. Segarra stalked out of the Democratic endorsement convention in July when it became clear the party organization had turned on him four years after giving the incumbent overwhelming support.

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UConn Law School Enrollment Tumbles.

If the trend continues at UConn Law School, Connecticut Democrats may not need to enact a mileage tax to pay for transportation and other projects. A more than 1/3 drop in first year enrollment from 2014 to this year ought to mean significant savings for the state’s taxpayers.

TaxProf Blog has the story.

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RIP: Julia Wasserman

Julia Wasserman2

Nine term former state Representative Julia Wasserman, 90, died early Tuesday morning. The Newtown Republican did not seek re-election in 2008, though she kept her oar in public service with a seat on the state Board of Pardon’s and Paroles.

Born in Germany, Julia escaped the Nazis as a girl when a maid in her parents’ home smuggled her into Switzerland not long after Kristallnacht in 1938.

She was a glorious polymath and an original in every way.

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Job Posting: LCO Looking for New Leader With “Teambuilding Skills”

Connecticut’s Legislative Commissioner’s Office is advertising for a new leader. The job entails many responsibilities with all sorts of benefits. Here’s the posting.

The deadline for applications is September 2nd. The salary ranges from $133,000-$193,000.

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Witkos Calls on CCSU to Terminate Poet Shankar.

State Senator Kevin Witkos (D-Canton) has called on Central Connecticut State University to begin termination proceedings against poetry professor and criminal recidivist Ravi Shankar.

Here’s the beginning of Witkos’s letter, which he sent today:

I am writing to you asking that termination proceedings begin immediately against one of the professors at Central Connecticut State University. 

On July 29, 2015, Professor Ravi Shankar was charged with 3rd degree larceny at a Home Depot in Middletown.  This is not Mr. Shankar’s first incident with law enforcement.  In fact, Mr. Shankar has prior convictions for driving under the influence, reckless driving and interfering with an officer. Additionally Mr. Shankar committed offenses against the university by fraudulently utilizing school equipment and theft through the improper use of a credit card.  This case was investigated by your own police department.  The charge was a felony to which Mr. Shankar served time in prison to complete his court imposed sentence.  I am also aware that there are two additional pending cases in the judicial system that involves Mr. Shankar.  These two cases are for driving with a suspended license and evading responsibility in an accident. 



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Poet Ravi Shankar–the Pride of CCSU–Arrested Again.

Ravi Shankar

Maybe this time the Board of Regents will make him president of Central Connecticut University. Poetry professor Ravi Shankar, who was promoted to a full professorship while in prison last year, is in trouble again. Shankar, 40, was arrested at a Home Depot in Middletown for larceny. Shankar is accused of taking merchandise from store and then heading to the store’s return counter for a credit of $1339.75 on July 29th.

Shankar was arrested twice in December for driving while his license was suspended and also for leaving the scene of an accident. Those cases are pending in New Britain and Middletown. Shankar returns to court in New Britain tomorrow on the driving while his license was under suspension charge, the sixth time the case has been on the docket.

The 40 year old Shankar, who now gives his address as Providence, Rhode Island, has long enjoyed the support of an aggressive group of boosters.

Scroll down to the second arraignment at this Middletown Police Department link to read of the latest arrest.

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High Stakes: MGM v. Malloy. Entertainment Giant Seeks to KO State’s Casino Protection Law.

MGM Resorts, the international entertainment company building a casino in Springfield, Massachusetts, has filed suit in Federal court seeking to have legislation enacted in Connecticut this spring to protect the state’s two Indian casinos declared unconstitutional. The complaint takes aim at the new Connecticut law that seeks to keep casino customers from traveling to Springfield to spend their gaming bucks by allowing the state’s two Indian tribe casino operators to build a third casino off tribal land. The Connecticut legislation precludes any other entity from operating the third casino.

MGM’s complaint raises two primary issues:

The Act violates the Equal Protection Clause because it is a race-based set-aside in favor of the two Preferred Tribes at the expense of all other tribes, races, and entities; and

The Act violates the dormant Commerce Clause because it discriminates on its face in favor of the two in-state Preferred Tribes at the expense of out-of-state competitors, all of whom are barred from attempting to develop a casino gaming facility in Connecticut.

The essence of the complaint is that the state cannot extend the lucrative tribal gaming monopoly beyond the borders of a tribe’s reservation.

MGM is represented by attorney James Robertson, a former interim Superior  Court judge whose behind-the-scenes generosity to felonious former Governor John G. Rowland cost Robertson his seat on the bench in 2004.


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RIP: Eileen Daily

Eileen Daily

Popular former state Senator Eileen Daily died early Thursday morning after a long illness. The 72 year old jolly, wry Boston native Democrat represented the 33rd District for 20 years. She won her first term in 1992 and was re-elected to nine more. Daily declined to seek re-election in 2012. She ended her long tenure as co-chair of the legislature’s finance committee.

Daily lived in Westbrook and had been active in local government before winning an open Senate seat in 1992.

She was a happy warrior.

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