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CCSU Poet Ravi Shankar Returns to Court on Violation of Probation, Criminal Impersonation, Operating Under Suspension Charges.

Ravi Shankar, the CCSU poet with a taste for run-ins with the law, returns to criminal court in Middletown as his troubles multiply. The 37 year old tenured associate professor broke into the news when he was nabbed in a 2011 ticket fraud case. He pleaded no contest to a false statement charge and was placed on probation in 2012. Shortly after that conviction, Shankar was arrested on a drunk driving charge. He was convicted and placed on probation. Not long after, Shankar was arrested for illegal operation of a motor vehicle while his license was under suspension (for drunk driving), criminal impersonation, and failure to drive in the proper lane.

The charges have given rise to a charge of violation of probation, which could see Shankar’s web of convictions without jail time come undone as the charges pile on and the CCSU teacher exhibits a course of conduct that in a short time shows a disregard for Connecticut’s criminal justice system’s willingness to provide a second chance.

Shankar has not been humbled by events. Last summer, he told the CCSU campus newspaper that his arrests would make him an “even more exceptional teacher.”

One of the email addresses listed on Shankar’s CCSU page is ravi@drunkenboat.com. He’s the executive director of Drunken Boat, an “international online journal of the arts.”