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Check Your Richter Scale: Courant Endorses Jerry Farrell, a Republican.

Secretary of the State hopeful Jerry Farrell is the first statewide Republican candidate in years to win an endorsement from the state’s biggest newspaper. The Hartford Courant cites the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection’s success managing the department’s budget through technology and staff reductions.  It notes that Democrat Denise Merrill, the House Majority Leader, has been a spender not a saver in state government.

Both candidates cavil at the “the coarse, negative nature of today’s political dialogue.” If either has been critical of their own party’s candidates’ tough tactics this year, however, it’s been in private.  Both qualified for taxpayer funding of their campaigns, and they love, love, love chowing down on all that free money that they’d never be able to raise under a voluntary system.

The endorsement will not go down well in the Merrill campaign, which has been buffeted by revelations of the candidate’s dodgy claim to be a lawyer.  She briefly practiced law in California 30 years ago.


1 George Cody { 10.22.10 at 11:07 am }

Stick with Denise Merrill. As a former employee of the Sec. of State office and later as Vice-chair of the oversight Government and Election Committee, Denise has virtually daily dealings with that office. She has worked on or written dozens of election related bills, and is intimately aware of both the criticism of the office and it’s defenders.

17 years in the Legislature, Chair of the Appropriations Committee, and House Majority leader prove that Denise has the experience and direct knowledge to reform state finances and budgets. Anyone who survives this election will be intensely aware of the changing tide and the criticaql need to deal with the deficit. Denise is best prepared to hit the ground running.

2 EdMfromBranford { 10.23.10 at 10:03 pm }

Thanks George Cody, Democrat Registrar of Voters from New Canaan for your obviously unbiased opinion on the matter. You have to be one of the most partisan Democrats I’ve ever had the unfortunate opportunity of knowing. Typical Democrat who embellishes the real story a la “I’m Al Gore and I invented the internet.” Denise didn’t do most of what you claim she did regarding working with the Government ADMINISTRATION and Elections Committee in the Legislature (you forgot the “A” part of GAE George but you have a reputation of missing key details and facts so this doesn’t surprise any of us who know you).

What does the SOTS have to do with “reform(ing) state finances and budgets?” As Majority Leader, she sure did a lousy job of that George. You do realize that your Democrats are why we’re over THREE BILLION in the hole and Denise was a big part of that as Appropriations Chair and House Majority Leader.

Actually George, I should be thanking you for giving us reasons NOT to vote for Denise. She’s probably rolling her eyes at your sorry excuse for trying to get people to vote for her. Keep up the good work buddy!