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Comment Policy

We’ve adapted and adopted the sensible comment policy found at Outside the Beltway.

Here it is:

Commenting and Trackbacks: Commenting and trackback/pingback capability is provided to encourage thoughtful discussion of the ideas posted on this site. I welcome open debate and viewpoints that differ from those of the post author. That said, I wish to keep the conversation civil and the following policies, subject to change without notice, apply:

  • Remember that the people under discussion are human beings. Comments that contain personal attacks about the post author or other commenters will be deleted. Repeated violators will be banned. Challenge the ideas of those with whom you disagree, not their patriotism, decency, or integrity.
  • The use of profanity stronger than that normally permitted on network television is prohibited. A substantial number of people read this site from an office or in a family environment.

The following will almost always be deleted:

  • Comments that are completely off topic.
  • Comments, especially long ones, that are posted on multiple sites for propaganda purposes.
  • Trackbacks from posts that do not link back to the post that received the trackback.
  • Trackbacks from what appear to be spam blogs.
  • Duplicate trackbacks to the same post.
  • Comments that contain personal information about others such as home addresses and personal phone numbers.
  • Any form of trolling, defined as comments that appear intended to send the discussion in a fruitless direction.

Additionally, comments containing too many hyperlinks will automatically go into the moderation queue. Comments by other bloggers are welcome, as are relevant links to your blogs, other blogs, or media articles that relate to the topic at hand. Do not, however, simply use the comment section to post links to your site without otherwise adding to the discussion. Doing so will be considered spamming.

Since the approval and moderation system is automated, it is possible that your e-mail address or domain will be placed on system maintained whitelists or blacklists. If for some reason you find yourself unable to comment due the anti-spam software please notify me and I’ll investigate.