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Community College Presidents Must Have Made Someone Unhappy.

Manchester Community College President Gena Glickman sent a startling email to “Friends and Colleagues” Monday afternoon. Any message with “Inquiries and Rumors” in the subject line is going to have some news. Glickman’s does.

She wrote:

“I’ve received inquiries and heard some misinformation regarding the System Office of the Board of Regents and the community college presidents’ contractual arrangements. Here’s what the community college presidents were told by Steve Weinberg, Vice President of Human Resources, at a meeting on September 24th:

1. All twelve community college presidents were offered a buy-out option that must be confirmed by October 31, 2012.

2. Presidents contracts are in place until the end of June 2013.

3. After October 31st, a decision will be made to renew or not renew contracts for those presidents who do not accept the buy-out option.”

Glickman then invites recipients of the message to call or email her, which some of them probably did. Many may have wondered why the State of Connecticut, pressed for funds, would offer buy-outs to people whose contracts end in nine months.