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Dan Drew Learns the Trouble with Employee Shakedowns.

Dan Drew’s fundraising troubles are not over. The Middletown mayor, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, is the subject of an intense complaint alleging retaliation from the head of human resources for the Middletown school system, Michele DiMauro. A union representative, acting on DiMauro’s behalf, alleges that while preparing a complaint against Drew for the handling of a pay grade issue the union discovered DiMauro was the recipient of relentless campaign solicitations by Drew and his people through her work email account.

The forceful letter to the leaders and members of Middletown’s city council accuses Drew of engaging in “a year-long, list-serve barrage of campaign solicitations being sent directly to DeMauro’s workplace email at the Middletown BOE without her consent or request or self-subscription. These emails are from a variety of Drew for Governor links, campaign associates or PACs. Regardless of their exact source, we fear, that these unwelcome solicitations to DiMauro may have been an effort to entrap, discredit, endanger the employment of, intimidate, discriminate against and/or harass DiMauro based on her political affiliations or associations.”

The union asks that independent counsel be hired to investigate the matter.

Campaign school lesson: Stop soliciting your subordinate employees for contributions. If your instincts fail you on that, you are going to make many more significant mistakes.