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Evan Dobelle at It Again. Boston Globe Exposes Expenses Scandal.

Sunday’s Boston Globe story on Westfield State University president Evan Dobelle’s extravagant spending will sound familiar to Connecticut readers of a certain vintage. (The Globe story is behind a paywall but worth paying to read.) It details Dobelle’s promiscuous use of Westfield State’s foundation credit cards. Charges included $250,000 for foreign travel with stays at swank hotels.

Dobelle tells the Globe a different story than the one the documents portray. He says he gave up the credit cards, a letter from a foundation official says they had to be halted. The former president of Trinity College had no explanation for his prolific use of a credit card issued to his executive assistant, Nancy Salvidio, now associate vice president at Westfield State. Funny how that works.

One Dobelle gambit not mentioned in the Globe story will also refresh Connecticut memories. State Senator Michael Knapik (R-Westfield), a Dobelle booster, resigned his seat this month to take a position at Westfield State. As resident of Trinity in the 1990s, Dobelle hired then-state Senate president Kevin Sullivan when the college needed tens of millions in state bonds to build a buffer between itself and the struggling neighborhood around it.