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Eye on Vance. Popular State Police Lieutenant to Vows to Continue Service.

Highly regarded Lieutenant J.Paul Vance, Sr., retires from 42 years in the Connecticut State Police next month. Expect to see more of him than we have since disgraced state police head Dora Schriro moved Vance from his position as the spokesman to head of the traffic unit. Vance told popular radio hosts Chaz and AJ that he would continue to be in public service. He would say no more than that.

Vance holds a singular position in the affection of the people of Connecticut. Democrats have tried to recruit him for legislative contests in the Waterbury area. He may be thinking bigger–and perhaps not with the Democrats, Daily Ructions can report. Whether as a Republican or Democrat, Vance’s far flung admirers would hurry him along the path to $75,000 to qualify for public funds in a contest for a spot on a statewide ticket. The $250,000 in a 2018 race for governor would be a considerably steeper climb, but Vance is nothing if not steady in the face of a challenge.

Vance does not only know a lot of people–he knows a lot about a lot of people.