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Foley Risks It All in House Interview. World Awaits Some Proof.

Republican Tom Foley unleashed a barrage of serious claims of unethical and criminal behavior in the Malloy administration in an interview on “Face the State” with Dennis House. The interview was taped Thursday and aired Sunday morning. It should soon be available on the WFSB website.

Foley provided a curious preface to his allegations, stating that he’s not a news organization but everything he was about to say had been provided to him by at least two sources. Foley also claimed that the perception of truth is as important as truth itself. These were odd standards for someone who hopes to be governor.

Foley claims that Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Daniel Esty was paying Malloy as a consultant during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign. This would be a devastating piece of undisclosed news if true. Foley needs to provide some evidence. The other claims were of the administration helping its political allies with contracts and muscle. Foley will need to roll out more if he’s not to sustain fatal damage to his nascent campaign.

More as developments warrant.