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J.R. Romano and a Charlottesville Doubter. Republican Chairman Damages Party With Dubious Video Partners.

Whiskey Patriot J.R. Romano, who also serves as the chairman of the Connecticut Republican State Central Committee, has some dubious associates. One of them is fellow Whiskey Patriot Kyle Reyes, who posted this astonishing video on Facebook admitting to “a dark thought” on the Neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville on Saturday. “These protesters were not the people we were lead to believe they are,” Reyes states as he opines on events from the front seat of a car. “None of this adds up.” The video is bizarre on its own. That these are the thoughts of a video partner of the Republican state chairman is chilling. The bizarro fringe is no place from which to lead a major political party.

Here is the link to the provocateur Reyes’ Facebook video.

You can find Whiskey Patriots videos here and here.