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Janet Daley Explains This Close Election.

If you have neglected to read Janet Daley’s columns in the The Telegraph, this is a good day to start. She explains the campaign, candidates, hurricane and media.

Here’s a sample of her irrefutable observations:

But if Obama loses the White House, everyone – absolutely everyone – will attribute that fact to the fatal first presidential debate. And that will be largely right, not just because the President performed badly but because the public expectation of Mitt Romney was so dramatically contravened. Having been traduced and travestied by an Obama-worshipping mass media, Mr Romney simply became himself: reasonable, intelligent, obviously pleasant and impressively commanding of the argument. The electorate was not just bowled over with surprise, it was outraged by the misrepresentation of this man who had been depicted as half-monster, half-buffoon. American voters learnt an important truth not only about Mr Romney, but also about the systematic bias of the media – which would not regain the public trust again, and thus became worse than useless as cheerleader for the President. As one pundit put it, the media had “loved Obama to death”.