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Jeff Cohen: Insurance Department Files Complaint Against Hybrid.

WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports that Connecticut’s insurance has filed an 11-count complaint against the politically connected Hybrid Insurance Group. The matter arises out of a missing $670,000 that City Treasurer Adam Cloud wired to Hybrid last summer. The money was ostensibly intended to pay city insurance premiums.

Earl O’Garro, head of Hybrid, received state assistance last year to move his business from Windsor to 30 Lewis Street in Hartford, a building associated with the Cloud family. Adam Cloud acknowledged in a carefully worded letter to The Hartford Courant an ownership interest in the building. Chris Cloud, Adam Cloud’s brother, has been a lobbyist for Hybrid. Insurance professionals, and there are plenty in Hartford, have expressed surprise that an insurance agency would require the services of a lobbyist.

Chris Cloud’s lobbying firm anticipated receiving $32,055.00 from Hybrid between July 1st and December 31st last year, according to documents files with the Office of State Ethics.