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Just One Thing for October 29th.

Syndicated columnist Mona Charen reminds Republicans that voters are voting against Democrats more than for Republicans, and the winners need to let that knowledge guide them as they head into the future.  She makes sense.  Voters know what they don’t want, a sluggish economy and high unemployment, but satisfying them will be a challenge.


1 Dorothy B. { 10.30.10 at 12:07 pm }


New York Times, Hartford Courant, Stamford Advocate, Bill Clinton, all Dem. Connecticut legislators, all of the major unions, among many others. This man has built a massive consensus, based on his proven track record as a dedicated public servant. He knows how to GET THINGS DONE. He will find compromises. He knows the system in CT. He will be EFFECTIVE, like he was in Stamford for 14 years against tough odds.

Rich cronies in Greenwich, George W. Bush, hedge funds, investment banks, the Podunk Gazette, and his charmingly lovely wife. This man has not built an EFFECTIVE consensus, only shallow promises to “shake things up.” He is not a proven public servant with actual governing experience, he is a proven Corporate Raider with actual nasty experiences. He will be DIVISIVE and POLARIZING, and get nothing done. BUT! That polarization will assist him greatly in his HIDDEN AGENDA to vault onto the Washington stage in 2012. It is patently obvious that he is on a power hungry ego trip, not looking to serve the little people of CT, and his ambitions are fueled by millions of dollars earned off the backs of thousands of middle class people he laid off at places like Bibb Corporation. STOP HIM NOW!

Foley has many black marks: I believe the voters of CT deserve a Governor who does not have to explain his two arrests, his federal security clearance problem, his close ties to George Bush, his faked exploits in Iraq, his horrendously ugly and protracted divorce, his linkage to Reverend Barbara Sexton and other weirdos, his massive layoffs at Bibb Corporation, and even the huge mansion and huge yacht (his conspicuous wealth rubs me the wrong way, like he’s BUYING THE ELECTION).

Malloy is the man. Foley will soon be forgotten.

SUGGESTION TO PRESIDENT CLINTON: Sir, you are one of the most admired ex-Presidents ever, with the Clinton Global Initiative, tsunami disaster relief, and other worthy causes. Please make the following statement on Oct. 31st in Hartford, in front of all the TV cameras and reporters:

“I whole-heartedly urge you to vote for Dan Malloy for Governor. He is a proven and dedicated public servant with a great track record…….and he is the only candidate who DOES NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN HIS ARRESTS AND HIS CORPORATE RAIDER LAYOFFS, like his opponent.” –Bill Clinton

Dorothy B. & family

2 EdMfromBranford { 10.30.10 at 6:11 pm }

Dorothy, Clinton was impeached for committing a FELONY because he lied UNDER OATH to Congress. He’s no one to talk about anyone having to explain themselves, LOL!

Tom Foley will win on November 2nd so that fact must really be getting you down, eh?