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Kane Refused to Make Payments for Children’s Medical Expenses. Who Will Say “No” to This Madness?

Rob Kane, former state senator seeking to become the auditor of the state’s annual $20 billion budget, fell thousands of dollars behind in his share of unreimbursed medical expenses and other fees for his children. His ex-wife had to file a contempt motion to get redress. The Courant has the distasteful story. The details raise several questions. Here’s one: Why didn’t Kane use the generous alimony his ex-wife was paying him to cover the unreimbursed medical expenses that were his responsibility? Here’s another one: Why the puny monthly arrearage payment? It will take Kane more than three years to catch up on what he has long owed–it’s for his children.

The most important question is what Republicans and Democrats in the legislature (but especially Republicans, since Kane is their nomination) will muster the self-respect to declare, “Party loyalty asks too much. Connecticut must set a higher standard for itself.”