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Mattei’s Curious Omissions.


Christopher Mattei launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor with a short introductory video. The former federal prosecutor mentions he put John Rowland in jail. Rowland was a Republican. Here’s a sentence you will likely see nowhere else: Mattei is too modest. He also put members of Meriden Democrat Christopher Donovan’s 2012 congressional campaign staff behind bars. The union favorite’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for the open 5th Congressional District seat collapsed.

Donovan continues to be a popular figure in Democratic politics. He’s not likely to be a Mattei booster, but why poke him with a mention in the video when his once in a lifetime chance to snag a congressional seat can be relegated to a quick “others”? 

Ah, misty colored memories of they way they were ought to make for some memorable moments in this campaign.

Correction: An earlier version of this post included in error Bridgeport Democrat Ernie Newton among the defendants Mattei prosecuted.