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Memo to Evita Malloy: You’re Phyllis, Not Mary.

Potty-mouthed, second-class citizen Cathy Malloy, wife of Connecticut’s governor and a $130,000 a year self-styled arts maven, misplaced her sense of popular culture. Fox has a cringe-inducing video of Malloy imitating the iconic opening to the “Mary Tyler Moore Show.” The video was created by Greater Hartford Arts Council in reverential celebration of Malloy’s presence. The video appeared Friday but disappeared after viewers were appropriately appalled. The technology wizards at FoxCT, however, managed to capture it at the end of the week in which we learned Valerie Harper, who created the role of Mary’s best friend Rhoda, has terminal brain cancer.

Malloy’s not Mary. She’s Phyllis, the insufferable neighbor with the short-lived spinoff. Here’s a theme song that describes the Connecticut’s bizarre first lady.