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At Last, Meotti to Leave Board of Regents This Week.

More than a month after resigning as Executive Director of the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education, inside operator Michael Meotti will leave the BoR on Thursday. Meotti was one of 21 employees who reaped extravagant salary increases without approval of the Board of Regents. Meotti’s was particularly egregious. An ally of Governor Dannel Malloy and former state Democratic state legislator, Meotti received a $48,000 raise on June 29th, boosting his annual salary $232,244, as the state’s precarious finances continued to deteriorate. Meotti and his allies at the board created a no-go zone for the shared sacrifice Malloy pledged to impose.

Meotti was preceded out the golden door by Board of Regents leader Robert Kennedy, who enjoyed many lucrative benefits while presiding over the handing out of astonishing compensation packages.

Others are said to be seeking to leave the BoR in the aftermath of the pay scandal.