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Mr. Nixon’s 100th Birthday.

Think politics is polarized now? No one divided, enraged, or rallied opinion in America for decades like Richard Nixon, who was born 100 years ago today. His long career is remembered most vividly for its dramatic end in 1974. Two years before he resigned, Mr. Nixon won one of the greatest landslides in presidential electoral history, carrying 49 states and more than 60% of the popular vote.

A pumpkin, Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers, pink lady and LBJ mistress Helen Gahagan Douglas, Ike, Checkers, and a debate in a kitchen were unforgettable mid-20th century moments in American politics. All took place before Nixon was elected president in the remarkable year that was 1968.

Here’s ABC on Nixon’s legacies. It could not have been easy to pick only five. The video is painful.

An endorsement:

Mr. Nixon’s brand of conservatism gets a Valentine from The Spectator.