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Nasty. Sister’s Fiance Sues Herbst for Making His Life Miserable. Claims Include Slander and Violation of Civil Rights.

Jesse Jablon’s action against Timothy Herbst, the first selectman of Trumbull, accuses the aspiring Republican gubernatorial hopeful of unjustly firing him from a town job in 2013, interfering with Jablom’s attempts to get a new job, and slander. The trouble began, according to Jablon’s complaint when Herbst “terminated [Jablon’s] employment solely on the ground that the [Jablon] was dating [Herbst’s] sister.”

After that, Jablon’s alleges Herbst interfered with his ability to make a living by interfering with Jablon’s attempts to obtain and keep a job. The most explosive allegation is that on October 12, 2016, Herbst met with a supervisor at Enterprise Car Sales, Jablon’s employer, and “falsely and maliciously accused [Jablon] of being a drug dealer.” That may have been the final straw for Jablon. The complaint is dated a month later.

The complaint, which was filed in state court, has been removed to federal court by one of the lawyers who has filed an appearance on behalf of Herbst.

Herbst is being sued in his individual capacity, not as a town official.

You can read the vivid complaint here. 

Herbst was the 2014 Republican nominee for state treasurer. He announced an exploratory committee for governor this month. His disputatious manner has become his calling card.