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News from Vichy: CBIA is MIA on Critical Vote.

In this critical hour, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) cannot find its voice. You need do no more than read this astounding interview with the head of CBIA to realize a summer soldier is heading the state’s largest business organization. It is indeed more insurance agency than advocate for the state’s besieged job creators.

Where is the clarion call to defeat the ruinous labor deals that the House passed yesterday and the Senate takes up in six days? Do they not understand the stakes? Members need to prod CBIA’s lavishly paid leaders into action. Ask them this: If these misbegotten agreements pass, how will state government be able to cope with the inevitable national recession?

CBIA knows how to influence events. After all, there probably would be no state income tax punishing working families without CBIA’s dramatic support for it 26 years ago. Time to get to work undoing the enduring damage.