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Lacking Impulse Control: David Walker Cannot Resist Forays into Comment Sections.

On-again-off-again Republican David Walker cannot turn away from the siren call of an internet comments section. The thin-skinned Jacksonville University accounting graduate is at it again. He was online mewling about a third quarter fundraising story by CT Newsjunkie editor Christine Stuart. Here’s a link to the story. Walker disputed the characterization of his fundraising, which includes contributions from both Walker’s exploratory and candidate committees. He quickly gets a tone, which will be no surprise to anyone who pays attention to Connecticut politics.

Readers will recall Walker’s pledge, made in the comments section of Only in Bridgeport, to leave Connecticut if Tom Foley was not elected in 2014. A promise broken. Pity.

Walker, who has mentioned more than once his membership in the Sons of the American Revolution and his wife’s in the Daughters of the American Revolution (the women who in 1939 refused to let Marian Anderson sing at Constitution Hall because the great soprano was black), is very sensitive about titles.