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Lawsuit: A Greenwich Democrat’s War on Women. Employees Claim Sexual Harassment, Threats, Retaliation in Action Against State Rep. Candidate Marc Abrams. Language Alert.

Greenwich Democrat and state representative candidate Marc Abrams does not mention his ties to New York hedge fund firm Titan Capital Group on his campaign website. Instead, he refers to himself as a “successful businessman, entrepreneur and investor”.  He claims to be able to “think outside the box.”

Two of Abrams’ former employees, Danielle Pecile and Cristina Culicea provide shocking allegations of life working for Marc Abrams and his brother Russell at their New York office. The stunning tale is loaded with details, including claims of abusive, sexual emails sent by Marc Abrams. Here are a couple of cleanup up extracts from the contents of paragraph 62 of the complaint that alleges Marc Abrams wrote to one of the plaintiffs:

“Give up and be a hooker–but you probably need to to learn how to f— first

You are a scumbag. I started to realize when you acted like a cheap stripper asking for money–now I know you are the cheap piece of s— stripper. You are a f—— rotten piece of dirt. You are the definition of the [sic] ‘white trash”

The 11 count, 50 page complaint includes details of alleged abuse and harassment. You can read the original 2010 complaint here. Paragraphs 43 and 62-65 are especially raw. Brace yourself. The complaint includes a nasty alleged message to the boyfriend of one of the plaintiffs and goes on at some length about their respective, well, equipment.

The case continues in Supreme Court of the State of New York. Here’s a summary of it from January of this year.

Abrams is a member of tony Greenwich’s representative town meeting. He’s been a prolific contributor to Democratic campaigns, according to Open Secrets. He gave the maximum contribution to Attorney General George Jepsen’s re-election campaign earlier this year.

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Q Poll: Foley Finding a Way to Throw It Away.

The Quinnipiac University poll of 1,085 likely voters reveals that Republican nominee for governor Tom Foley is finding ways to squander his lead against unpopular Democratic incumbent Dannel P. Malloy in the rerun of their 2010 contest. The Qunnipiac survey finds Foley and Malloy at 43%. The university’s September poll gave Foley a 6% edge over Malloy. The two have since engaged in a barrage of negative advertising on the airwaves that looks to have helped Malloy.

The poll holds out some hope that Foley may be able to reverse Malloy’s momentum. It finds that likely voters continue to disapprove of Malloy’s performance by a wide margin. The poll suggests, however, that Malloy and his allies are succeeding in making Foley a more unpalatable choice than the disliked Malloy. That is no small achievement. It’s unlikely to be reversed by ads featuring Foley talking to a hotdog vendor or calling for a truce on attacks.

Foley is providing a valuable lesson for campaign school case studies: you cannot be both candidate and campaign manager.

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DGA Trash Talks Q Poll on Eve of CT Gov Survey.

That eyebrow-raising PPP poll showing Democrat Governor Dannel P. Malloy 8 points ahead of Republican rival Tom Foley has not steadied nerves at the Democratic Governors Association. Twelve hours before the release of the latest Quinnipiac survey of the disputatious race, a DGA operative is talking trash about Connecticut’s premiere polling operation.

The DGA email is below. Some of the numbers appear to be cherry-picked. In Iowa, for example, a recent Des Moines Register poll also put Ernst ahead of the flailing Braley by 6 points, roiling the race.

For a more even-handed discussion of polling challenges this year, see this analysis from FiveThirtyEight.com.

From: Danny Kanner <kanner@dga.net>
Subject: BACKGROUND: Quinnipiac Poll Struggles With Likely Voter Screen
Date: October 7, 2014 at 6:06:00 PM EDT
To: Danny Kanner <kanner@dga.net>
With Quinnipiac University set to release a new poll in the Connecticut governor’s race tomorrow, it’s worth noting the organization’s significant and ongoing challenges in accurately identifying an accurate sample of likely voters, and therefore capturing the state of races across the country.

Below is background information regarding how their numbers have been far outside of the consensus of other pollsters in the last month. As you might remember, this is the same polling organization that showed Andrew Cuomo leading Carl Paladino in the 2010 New York governor’s race by only six points in late September. Governor Cuomo ultimately won the race by 30 points, 63-33.

Here’s the background:
2014 Colorado Governor
    Beauprez Hickenlooper Margin
Public Poll Average (7/5 – 9/14) 44 46 +2 Hickenlooper
Quinnipiac Poll (9/15) 50 40 +10 Beauprez
CO-Gov: The latest Quinnipiac Poll showed Governor Hickenlooper down 10 points in his race for reelection. The sample assumed about a roughly eight-point Republican Party ID advantage. However, according to the exit polls in 2010, there was a 6-point Democratic advantage (33% D / 27% R / 40% I). In 2012m it was a 5-point advantage in the exit polls (34% D / 29% R / 37% I). If you take the Quinnipiac Poll party support levels at face value (they show Hickenlooper at 93%-4% with Dems, 5%-89% with GOP, and 37%-50% with Independents), and re-weight it using the 2010 exit poll party ID numbers, you end up with Hickenlooper 47% – Beauprez 45%. Hardly a 10-point lead for Beauprez.
2014 Connecticut Governor
    Foley Malloy Margin
Public Poll Average (2/26 – 9/2) 42 40 Margin of Error
Quinnipiac Poll (9/8) 46 40 +6 Foley
CT-Gov: The sample in their last poll appeared to be, exactly or nearly 32% Republican, 33% Democratic, and 35% Independent. However, in 2010, the electorate was 12 points more Democratic than Republican in the exit polls – 40% Dem, 28% Republican, 33% Independent. Reweighting the Sept 10th poll to that electorate would give Malloy a 45% – 42% lead. Again, hardly a 6-point lead for Foley.
2014 Virginia Senate
    Gillespie Warner Margin
Public Poll Average (7/5 – 9/19) 34 51 +17 Warner
Quinnipiac Poll (9/22) 39 48 +9 Warner
2014 Iowa Senate
    Ernst Braley Margin
Public Poll Average (8/11 – 9/10) 44 43 Margin of Error
Quinnipiac Poll (9/15) 50 44 +6 Ernst 

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AWOL: Nappier Takes a Powder from Only Joint Forum of Campaign.

Four term incumbent State Treasurer Denise Nappier has taken flight from her re-election. The Hartford Democrat today backed out her only joint appearance with Republican challenger Tim Herbst. The two were scheduled to meet this evening at an anticipated forum at the Hartford Public Library.

The event is sponsored by Hartford Votes and Common Cause. CT News Junkie’s Christine Stewart is slated to be the wise moderator. It begins at 6 pm.

Keeping the erratic Nappier from a public come-apart may be proving more of a challenge than party poobahs expected. It could be safer to plead “personal reasons” and add to speculation that Nappier is growing more erratic than show up and confirm what insiders have been saying for several years.


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The Brawl for Governor. Will Foley Say It? “I’m Not the One Whose House Police Raided Twice in Drugs and Guns Investigations.”

Democrat Dannel Malloy Thursday night unleashed a fuselage of abuse that seemed outside the boundaries of what the public expects from a governor. This is what surrogates do. As the debate sponsored by The Hartford Courant and FOX CT neared its end, Malloy went into his aria of accusations. He reminded the audience of a payment Foley made to the state’s elections board to resolve a complaint and tossed in Foley’s early 1980s encounter with Long Island police over an ugly car-ramming incident.

As a coda, Malloy added after the debate in comments to the press that he wasn’t the one who’d been in a car chase with his wife. That was a reference to a dispute Foley and his first wife had over their child that spilled into the streets of Greenwich.

Foley would like a truce. This reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of his opponent. Malloy and his inner circle are not pacifists. They understand only the tactics they use. No one will ever mistake Malloy for Gandhi. His surly circle is worse.

Will Foley or his surrogates venture into the Dannel Malloy/Catherine Lambert no-go zone? Will they produce some grainy photos, unflattering headlines, ominous music and a sad but knowing narrator to tell the tale of two police raids on the Malloy-Lambert home in a wealthy section of Stamford? Will they mention the curious disposition of the cases?

Would Malloy use two police raids against Foley if they had happened at the Greenwich businessman’s house? You know the answer to that.

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Judge Rebukes Katz’s DCF in Acquittal of Defendant.

You don’t see this often. In acquitting Douglas Wirth of all charges of physical and sexual abuse in a Monday verdict, Judge Julia Dewey, according to The Hartford Courant, rendered this striking indictment of the Department of Children and Families:

“Indeed, DCF was aware of many of the allegations, yet did not sustain any of the complainants’ earlier complaints,” Dewey said. “Given the brigade of social workers, educators, [DCF] personnel and medical providers who provided intense services to the complainant and his siblings, it is inconceivable that not one of these disinterested persons saw any signs of physical abuse.”

Dewey also criticized DCF and others for their failure to comply with court orders to release all documents related to the case. Prosecutors, she added, were under the impression that they had already received all documents.

“The litigants prepared under the misapprehension that they were in possession of all relevant government and medical records,” Dewey said. Instead, on the eve of the trial, DCF delivered 10,000 to 12,000 pages of documents to Dewey for review. She turned over about 2,000 pages of those documents to the lawyers.

But that wasn’t the end of the trickle of documents related to the case, the judge said.

“Most incredibly, the pre-adoption history of the complainant and his siblings had never been made available to either counsel,” Dewey said. “The state never should have proceeded to trial without this material. This comment bears repeating. Before this trial began, none of the counsel has seen the pre-adoption records. These records contained extraordinarily exculpatory information.”

Prosecutors also did not see “all of the critical narrative summaries prepared by DCF workers who testified as prosecution witnesses,” the judge said. “The state had an obligation to secure and review all relevant material before it began the criminal process. The glaring absence of these records should have alerted the prosecution that something was amiss.”

Katz, no longer thought of as a protector of fundamental rights, has offered no credible explanation for her department’s failure to comply with court orders in a timely matter. Katz took a direct interest in the case.

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Unions Serve State Employees Pizza and Nonsense in Bid to Bolster Malloy.

State employee union leaders are using cheese and pepperoni pizzas to jolly their members into supporting Democratic Governor Dannel P, Malloy’s struggling re-election bid. The rank and file are fed a heaping side of nonsense by union representatives claiming that Republican Tom Foley will refuse to negotiate as employee contracts expire. Daily Ructions understands that this odd line of attack against Foley is meeting with some skepticism from the employees in their small group meetings. Many have been through a range of governors, all have negotiated.

Many state employees are still smarting from the 2011 deal their leaders struck with Malloy. Some recall the heavy handed methods leaders used to ratify the package when some bargaining units resisted. Plenty of members have reason to think they would do better under Foley that they would in another round with Malloy.

To grab members’ attention, union leaders are telling the rank and file that the race between Malloy and Foley is a dead heat. This will come as a surprise to the brain trust each candidate has created for the November showdown. A close race may serve as a spur for more members than in 2010 to support Foley in this year’s rematch.

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September 13th Straw Poll Results a Secret as CEA Prepares to Announce Endorsement for Governor.

The Connecticut Education Association conducted a straw poll of the nearly 400 teachers who attended a September 13th forum of three candidates for governor. The results remain a mystery to the participants. Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s 2012 assault on public teachers is a fresh wound among the rank and file. That may have reflected in the straw poll in the organization that remains an important Democratic interest group.

The CEA endorsement is not made by the general membership. It’s determined by a small group of union leaders thought to be more sympathetic to Malloy than the 43,000 front line teachers who, according to Malloy, only had to show up for work to obtain job tenure. A Malloy endorsement will risk creating a wide breach between union leaders and the wider membership who know that a second Malloy term would present the famously vengeful governor another opportunity to punish and insult public school teachers.

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NY Times Slams Schriro’s “Outrageous Behavior” as City Corrections Commissioner. Watch for Friday Night Dump.

The New York Times issues an editorial page indictment of state police head Dora Schriro over her record of concealing violence against juveniles held at Rikers Island prison when she served as New York’s city corrections commissioner. There’s nothing ambiguous in the editorial. Of Schriro’s role in scrubbing information about violence at the prison, the paper writes,

As The Times reported on Monday, all this was expunged at the order of the corrections commissioner at the time, Dora Schriro, who not only ordered the scrubbing of information damaging to the two officials but promoted Mr. Clemons to assistant chief of administration, despite an internal investigation raising questions about his conduct. This outrageous behavior lends credence to the charge that the department historically protected and empowered people who were comfortable with misconduct and a deep-seated culture of violence.

Schriro’s department failed to provide complete disclosure of information to the United States attorney’s office in New York in the course of its investigation of violence at Rikers. Schriro’s dusting of critical information came to light in a Times story this week. It is hard to see how Schriro will last the week as head of Connecticut’s chief law enforcement agency. Watch for the Malloy administration to do a classic Friday “take out the trash” maneuver by dumping the disgraced Schriro on an evening when the public is otherwise engaged.

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Crisis at Connecticut Innovations as State Agency Runs Out of Money for Entrepreneurs.

They might as well be in charge at CI.

They might as well be in charge at CI.

The cupboard is bare for dynamic innovators in Connecticut. Connecticut Innovations, the 25 year old quasi-pubic agency, is out of money for applicants, Daily Ructions can report. CI, which describes itself as “the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut innovative, growing companies” has become a model of Malloy administration mismanagement. The agency has run through its most recent bond appropriation and does not expect to see the public spigot re-opened until after the November election.

CI can no longer claim that it “proudly serves great Connecticut companies, no matter what stage of growth they’re in.” Applicants have been told not to expect funding until 2015, as CI abandons its mission. There was $100 million on offer to build a heliport for a thriving Fairfield County hedge fund but nothing for budding innovators.

The fiasco at CI will prove an embarrassment for CI board member and State Treasurer Denise Nappier as she struggles to make a coherent argument for re-election to a fifth term. Malloy’s commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, Catherine Smith, is also on the CI board. Smith’s agency oversaw the shoveling of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, now lost, to former Hartford and Katmandu insurance agent Earl O’Garro.

Sources tell Daily Ructions that CI is a somber place where office morale is low. No need to worry about short-term employee prospects. There’s enough money to pay everyone. That includes political hire Leslie Larson, wife of the Democratic congressman. Larson was hired over 199 other applicants in 2012 because, as one gushing reference noted, Claire Leonardi, head of CI, “loves Leslie.”

Connecticut lost 3,600 jobs in August.

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