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Loomis Chafee Investigates Sexual Misconduct at Tony Prep School.

A letter from Head of School Shelia Culbert to the Loomis Chafee community. This could not have been easy to write.

May 17, 2016Dear Members of the Loomis Chaffee Community,

For the past century, we have educated students to be their best selves and to serve the common good. We have a proud legacy, which is the reason that this letter is particularly painful to write. You may have seen recent stories in the Boston Globe on sexual misconduct at independent schools. These stories have become all too common, and I wish I could report to you that there have been no such incidents at Loomis Chaffee. Unfortunately, we know that is not the case. In addition, there may be cases of which we are not aware and consequently there may be alumni suffering in silence.

As a school, we have a responsibility to our current and former students—as well, of course, to future students—to embrace our mission to be our best self and to serve the common good, which includes a commitment to be supportive of victims of abuse, to ensure that their concerns are heard, and to acknowledge the hurt caused. Accordingly, the school has hired the law firm of Cowdery & Murphy to review those cases of which we are aware, as well as to investigate any new allegations that may come to light. We encourage anyone who may wish to report an incident of sexual misconduct, regardless of when the incident occurred, to contact me directly at 860.687.6215 or sculbert@loomis.org or our investigator at Cowdery & Murphy at 860.922.5362 or loomisinquiry@cowderymurphy.com. The school has also engaged Nancy Rankin (860.687.6216; nrankin@loomis.org) our counseling consultant, to provide advice for any victims of sexual abuse at the school. It can be difficult to raise such issues, but I promise that if you reach out to us, you will have our full support. I expect this process to take several months, and I will report back once it is complete.

The decision to undertake this investigation was not made in haste. After much discussion, we concluded that while the school complies with all federal, state, and local laws with respect to prevention, reporting, and investigation of sexual misconduct, we have an obligation to find and address instances or allegations of sexual misconduct at Loomis that may have gone unreported to us or were never fully addressed. We join with many of our peer schools and others in welcoming increased public attention to such matters so as to hold individuals and institutions accountable where needed and to help prevent such behavior here and elsewhere.

In the May 8 Globe article, St. George’s alumna Anne Scott stated, “There’s an important opportunity for independent schools right now. It is not about protecting the image. It’s about using this as an opportunity to transform how we talk about and deal upfront with something that all these years we’ve buried.” She is right; we must examine our past and confront any incidents of abuse. I thank you in advance for your help with this investigation; I know that we will become a stronger community as a result.


Sheila Culbert
Head of School

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A Greeting for Stonington Democrats.

There’s a fundraiser this afternoon in the 18th Senate District for Democratic hopeful Timothy Bowles. The event hosted by Governor Dannel P. Malloy crony Scott Bates. The sign on the truck summarizes the guest list. Bowles must be having trouble reaching the $15,000 threshold to qualify for public funding of his campaign.

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Wolf Gives Klarides the Trump Treatment.

When your candidate for president is this:



You forfeit your right to complain about tactics like this:
Wolf on Klarides

One could argue that state Representative Themis Klarides’s support for loathsome demagogue and misogynist Donald Trump invited candidates like August Wolf to engage in the sort of Trumpian attack he launched from Twitter. She abandoned her few standards in April and this is the result.

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Brazil and the Costs of Hiding a Deficit.

Dilma Rousseff, the left wing president of Brazil, may be regretting fiddling the national budget deficit numbers during her re-election campaign. Brazil’s legislature has moved Rousseff briskly along the road to impeachment. She’s been suspended from office as the Senate prepares to put her on trial. Her support has crumbled.

Imagine the consequences if it becomes a trend to boot officials from office when post-election deficits appear in the immediate aftermath of sunny campaign declarations and a “new economic reality” is unveiled.


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Bitter Wolf Sets Off on Quest for Primary Petition Signatures.

Unhappy Republican U.S. senate hopeful August Wolf, humiliated at Monday night’s nominating convention, announced he has made a rendezvous with failure. The Fairfield County Republican announced Wednesday that he’ll seek to collect more than 8,000 signatures to force a summer primary against endorsed candidate Dan Carter, a state representative.

Wolf, like all who came before him, is about to be surprised. Republicans are dispersed around the state, making the collection of signatures a long march. Getting the required number and a buffer for errors requires a lot of Republican boots on the ground. Wolf ended with 123 delegates at the convention. The volatile candidate lost significant support during the treacherous switch phase of the balloting.

The aging former athlete found drug testing a challenge in his heyday. That will be nothing compared to corralling disinterested Republicans into collecting signatures over the next four weeks. Wolf will not be making friends with party loyalists (the ones who know how to get signatures) with his mewling that the nominating convention was rigged by party bosses. No one can ever name a boss in the state party’s affairs.

Wolf may have one unexpected advantage. Carter appears to be relying on perennial Republican hanger-on Ben Proto for campaign advice. Veterans will test their gray cells trying to recall a candidate Proto helped across a November finish line first.

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August Wolf Says He Lost at Crooked Convention.

Wolf tweet.jpg

Republican convention schooled first-time candidate August Wolf on Monday night in how a shambolic campaign will cause them to seek shelter in a safe harbor called Dan Carter. Wolf displayed his unhappiness in an angry day after tweet. It’s the sort of thing that makes a fella want to slam a minivan door so hard it breaks.

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Vichy Speaks: CBIA Supports Democratic Budget–25 Years After Pushing for State Income Tax.

Another great stab in the back. The people at the top of Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), the well-known insurance agency that masquerades as a business advocacy group, are urging legislators to support the patchwork Democratic budget agreed to by legislators and Governor Dannel P. Malloy. CBIA was a vigorous supporter of the imposition of the income tax on working people 25 years ago.

No word on what the gaggle of dues-collecting deserters thinks about the current year’s revised budget deficit of $250 million, which nearly depletes the state’s rainy day fund.

Critical details of legislation implementing the 2017 budget are not available, though that appears to have made no impression on CBIA officials as they consider these issues on assorted golf courses.

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Cope: Stevens Launches False Attack.


Republican Fifth Congressional District frontrunner Clay Cope batted away a limp, clumsy attack by opponent Bill Stevens. Cope charges that an ugly email to delegates on the eve of today’s nominating convention from a furtive group calling itself “Connecticut Watch Dawg” is really from Stevens. The email alleges that Cope was arrested on a drug charge in Texas more than 30 years ago. A quick look at the law enforcement record provided shows that the primary name of the defendant was Timothy Cope–Clay Cope’s brother. Clay Cope is included among the many aliases Timothy used in his malfeasance.

An early version of the email claimed “Connecticut Watch Dawg”  was “(f)ounded in 2009” and “is the state’s preeminent non-partisan opposition research organization.” A subsequent version of the misfire omitted that claim.

Here is part of Cope’s statement:

It is inexcusable – and especially unfair to voters trying to make an informed decision — when candidates like Bill Stevens become so desperate to win an election that they knowingly spread untruths about an opponent.  There is no place for such vile smear tactics and character assassination in politics.  Bill Stevens should be ashamed.

I have no arrest record.  My identity was stolen and used as an alias by a criminal – who was also my younger brother and a drug addict.

Delegates will have an opportunity to give their verdict on the Stevens tactic this afternoon when they gather to call the roll. Daily Ructions understands that the Stevens campaign was told last week that the document it was brandishing in an attempt to defeat and humiliate Cope arose from the arrest and conviction of the Sherman first selectman’s brother.

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Stevens Business Record Becomes Ripe Target as Newtown Republican Step Up Attacks on Cope.

Fifth CD Republican hopeful Bill Stevens ballyhoos his “military, international business, finance, and energy industry background.” The novice candidate may want to go easy on his energy industry experience with this article from 2010 making the rounds of delegates.

It tells the unsettling tale of a bankruptcy alleging shenanigans at a wind power company involving, among others, Stevens and his wife.

Stevens, who has struggled to raise money for his campaign, has been escalating email attacks on frontrunner Clay Cope, first selectman of Sherman. Now in mimicking loathsome demagogue Donald Trump, Stevens appears to want to make bankruptcy a Republican virtue.





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Maxwell Exits 5th CD Race, Praises Cope.

Newtown Republican Matt Maxwell today ended his race for the Republican nomination for Congress in Connecticut’s 5th District. The rookie candidate made a favorable impression on delegates and town committee members across the sprawling district. He was not able, however, to compete with the momentum of frontrunner Clay Cope.

In his gracious and optimistic statement, Matthew wrote, “I believe Clay Cope will do well in this election cycle.” Maxwell promised to stay active in Republican politics.

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