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Tom Foley Making Calls to Test Support for Wife’s Bid for RNC.

Tom (#HeThrewItAway) Foley is making calls to Connecticut Republicans to see if state party committee members might toss his wife Leslie enough votes for her to defeat Leora Levy in a contest for the Republican National Committee seat being vacated by veteran Pat Longo. The initial calls are being received with considerable surprise. Leslie Foley has not been considered a stalwart party booster. Levy, on the other hand, is a tireless fundraiser and party booster.

Levy was a key fundraiser in 2014 when Foley, who had disparaged the public financing of campaigns, signed on for millions from taxpayers to pay for his second unsuccessful campaign for governor. Foley disappeared from Connecticut Republican politics after his second, wider defeat by unpopular incumbent Democrat Dannel P. Malloy.

No word on a challenger to incumbent John Frey. If there is to be a contest for one seat, ambitious Republicans may decide it’s a good time to add a more effective member to the second Connecticut position on the RNC.

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Pat Longo to Exit Republican National Committee–Stage Right.

Republican stalwart Pat Longo will not not seek another term as Connecticut’s Republican National Committeewoman. The Wilton Republican has served in party positions since 1961. She was elected to the RNC in 2007, after 14 years as the state party’s vice chair. In 2004, Longo made a brave run for the RNC against a crumbling Rowland administration favorite while many others were silent–or worse–in the face of corruption. 

Greenwich Republican fundraiser Leora Levy, a Ted Cruz supporter, is expected to make a bid for The beloved Longo’s seat. 

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Parson Shays Introduces Reverend Kasich on Connecticut Primary Swing.

Vietnam conscientious objector turned Iraq warrior Christopher Shays accompanied presidential hopeful John Kasich on Friday at a campaign stop in Fairfield, Connecticut. The Sacred Heart University event included testimony from Parson Shays on Kasich’s faith. Kasich has developed the unhappy habit of equating public policy stands on earth with one’s odds of gaining admission to Glory, Glory, Glory after departing this funny ol’ world.

Kasich, a former Lehman Brothers bigwig who cashed in on his government service, won a resounding second term as governor of Ohio in 2014. Shays has not won an election since 2006. He received 27% of the vote in a thrashing by party favorite Linda McMahon in their 2012 U.S. Senate primary.

Reverend Kasich leads the Democratic presidential prospects in most polls, even besting them in some reliably Democratic states. He’s having the devil’s own time among Republicans, having won only his home state. Connecticut’s April 26th primary ought to be a promising contest for a minor Kasich breakthrough–unless Marylander and former U.S. Representative Shays becomes the whining voice of his state campaign.

As a member of Congress, Shays was a persistent antagonist to free speech.

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Justin Clark Heading Demagogue’s Connecticut Primary Campaign.

Connecticut Republican operative Justin Clark is the state director of misogynist Donald Trump’s campaign in the run-up to the April 26th primary. The closed primary will allocate 28 delegates to the Republican convention.

Clark, a West Hartford Republican, has plenty of experience working for wealthy candidates who think they know everything. He was the campaign manager for Tom (#HeThrewItAway) Foley’s 2010 and 2014 losing gubernatorial bids. Clark had been working on Governor Chris Christie’s presidential bid before it ended in New Hampshire and on the George Washington Bridge.



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What Crisis? Bronin Gives $15,000 Boost to New Spokesman.

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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin appears not to be much of a negotiator. The first-term mayor’s original spokesperson, Samaia Hernandez, lasted three months in her $80,000 a year job. Hernandez was replaced by Democratic operative Brett Broesder, whose salary working for the Bronins is $95,000 a year.

Bronin has been struggling to explain to local residents, state legislators, and an assortment of union leaders why he should be given expanded powers to deal with public employee contracts. Someone who spent more than $170 a vote in last summer’s Democratic mayoral primary may think $15,000 is chump change. Others will disagree. Some who pay attention to identity politics will be struck by the big difference between what Bronin paid a woman to do the job and what he’s paying a man.

An inquiry on Thursday afternoon last week about Hernandez’s salary elicited this strained Friday night explanation from Bronin chief of staff Thea Montanez:

“We’ve reduced the communications budget by more than $60,000 compared with the Segarra administration, since we have permanently eliminated an assistant communications director position. Brett is assuming a broader range of responsibilities, yet his salary is still lower than than the director was paid in the prior administration. When Samaia joined the city, she was given a salary that was $5,000 more than she was making at her last job. Conversely, Brett took a $25,000 pay cut from what he was making in the private sector.”

Broesder made $91,304 a year when he began working for Bridgeport mayor Bill Finch in 2014, which makes his $95,000 deal in Hartford look pretty good, bearing no resemblance to a sacrifice. Finch was defeated for re-election last year.

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Republicans to Crowd Race for U.S. Senate Nomination.

With five weeks to go before their May 9th nominating conventions, state Republicans are anticipating late entries into the contest for party’s U.S. Senate nomination to face incumbent and faux Vietnam veteran Richard Blumenthal. Next week will bring the formal launch of state Representative Dan Carter’s campaign. He is likely to arrive on the shoulders of his House colleagues. Jack Orchulli, the party’s 2004 nominee for seat, is also giving serious thought to beginning a late blooming campaign.

No week in the race would be complete without bumbling hopeful Augie Wolf relaunching his campaign with the announcement of a new management team. Two of Wolf’s new hires are veterans of the Ben Carson presidential campaign, so they have experience in dealing with a candidate who speaks in non-sequiturs, riddles and assorted nonsense.

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Schaffrick Carries On for State Party.

Veteran Bristol Republican Gary Schaffrick resigned this week as the state party’s treasurer in the aftermath of his arrest on a charge of risk of injury to a minor. Schaffrick continues to work for the state party in a part-time position. In addition, he remains a member of the party’s state central committee from the 31st Senate District.

Schaffrick is said to be working on arrangements for the party’s May nominating convention.

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That Didn’t Take Long. Bronin Loses Communications Chief to “New Opportunities”.

Samaia Hernandez has left her job as Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin’s communications director in the third month of the new, struggling administration. A press release from Bronin states she left to pursue “new opportunities.”

Hernandez has been replaced by Brett Broesder, the former spokesman for the hapless former mayor of Bridgeport, Bill Finch. “I’m honored to join Mayor Bronin and his team,” said Broesder. “It’s an exciting time in the state’s capital city. I look forward to working with folks across the city to share Hartford’s story.”

The chain of command in the Bronin administration is said to be jagged to the point of veering out of city hall. This has caused some tensions as people try to do their jobs.

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Indomitable Will Duff Prepares Bid for Carter Seat.

A 201o News Times story tells the tale–Bethel’s Will Duff possesses a mighty spirit. A race for the 2nd House District seat Republican Dan Carter is giving up to run for the U.S. Senate may not seem like much of a challenge compared to what Duff’s endured in overcoming cystic fibrosis.

Republican Duff will start as a well-known and well-liked contender in the four town district.

Read Duff’s story here. Prepare to be inspired.

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Carter for the Save. State Representative Considers U.S. Senate Bid.

State Representative Dan Carter (R-Bethel) is moving closer to seeking his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate. A Carter candidacy would give state Republicans an alternative to the flailing mess that is the Augie Wolf campaign.

Carter is serving his third term in the House. He won the multi-town seat in 2010 by defeating incumbent Democrat Jason Bartlett.

Carter served in Desert Storm. If nominated, he would face Vietnam fantasist and incumbent Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

In 2012, Carter was an early and prominent supporter of 5th Congressional District hopeful Lisa Wilson Foley. The Simsbury Republican, her husband, and former governor John Rowland were convicted of campaign finance violations.

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