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Corey to Challenge Murphy.

Manchester Republican Matt Corey is a candidate for the 2018 Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. If nominated, Corey will face Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy.

Corey ran for the House of Representatives in 2012, 2014, and 2016 against longtime Democratic incumbent John B. Larson. Corey ran as an independent in his first race against Larson and then as a Republican in the next two.

Corey owns a window washing business and McKinnon’s Irish Pub in Downtown Hartford. You can read Chris Keating’s 2016 profile of Corey here.

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Fitch Out at NY Thruway Authority.

You don’t have to be a veteran of New York politics to know you cross Andrew Cuomo (or any other governor of the Empire State) at your peril. Former Bridgeport mayor Bill Finch, who had fatal trouble figuring out how to get his name on the ballot in 2015, didn’t understand that he was not in Connecticut anymore.

Finch, who lost a bitter Democratic primary for mayor to Joseph Ganim two years ago, is out as head of the New York Thruway Authority after failing to bring appropriate enthusiasm to Governor Cuomo’s proposal to convert to cashless tolls.

Politico New York has the story. 


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J.R. Romano and a Charlottesville Doubter. Republican Chairman Damages Party With Dubious Video Partners.

Whiskey Patriot J.R. Romano, who also serves as the chairman of the Connecticut Republican State Central Committee, has some dubious associates. One of them is fellow Whiskey Patriot Kyle Reyes, who posted this astonishing video on Facebook admitting to “a dark thought” on the Neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville on Saturday. “These protesters were not the people we were lead to believe they are,” Reyes states as he opines on events from the front seat of a car. “None of this adds up.” The video is bizarre on its own. That these are the thoughts of a video partner of the Republican state chairman is chilling. The bizarro fringe is no place from which to lead a major political party.

Here is the link to the provocateur Reyes’ Facebook video.

You can find Whiskey Patriots videos here and here.

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Thaddeus Gray Quits Job to Run for State Treasurer.

He's in full-time. Thaddeus Gray has given up his job in finance to devote his full efforts to seeking the Republican nomination for State Treasurer. He made the announcement on Twitter.


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Srinivasan First to Hit the $250,000 Mark.

Take note. Candidates will find this is much harder to accomplish than they expect when they embark on a race for governor.

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Fasano Won’t Run for Governor. Decision a Blow to Republicans.

State Senate leader Len Fasano will not seek the Republican nomination for governor, the North Haven Republican announced Wednesday morning. The announcement diminishes the odds of a Republican victory in 2018 and deals a blow to the state’s chances to reverse its economic decline.

Fasano has lead a revival of Republican fortunes. Under his leadership the Republicans added three seats to their caucus in the 2016, tying and disorienting the Democrats, who have held the majority since 1997. Fasano had thought he could wait until after a state budget was enacted to make an announcement. Democrats, however, refuse to vote on a budget, any budget, especially the one proposed by the Senate Republicans.

Here is Fasano’s statement:

“Today I want to announce that after considerable thought I have made the decision that I will not seek the Republican nomination for governor in 2018. I want to thank the many individuals who contacted me and encouraged me to run. I also want to thank my family and friends for their constant support as I came to this decision. My family has always encouraged and motivated me to work hard serving our state and would have supported my decision either way. This was a very difficult decision but in the end the impact to my family, who depend upon me and count on me every day, ultimately was the foundation for my decision.

“My original intention was to wait until the state budget was resolved to make a decision about running for governor. But as the budget process has persisted, and it does not seem likely that a vote will take place before the end of the month, I knew it was time to choose my path and let others know where I stand. It is only fair to the other hard working candidates, delegates, the party and the public to be upfront so that others can make important decisions to move the election process forward.

“I firmly believe Connecticut needs a Republican governor. Connecticut is a great state, but it is in trouble. People are suffering every day from huge financial burdens and the effects of a fiscally unstable state government. We need to move Connecticut in a different direction to create stability and restore confidence so we can grow opportunity for all people. We need a Republican leader in the governor’s seat who brings political parties and people together, who is sensitive to the needs of all economic levels, who understands the importance of supporting our cities, and who can grow a stable economy so we can fund core programs that are important to this state. Connecticut is ready to overcome our challenges and ready to change.  I look forward to ushering in that change.

“I will continue my efforts to build a better future for our state through my work in the state Senate. I am truly blessed and honored to serve our great state and its people every day and I thank all those who have chosen me to represent their voices in Hartford.”

Republicans hope to pick up additional seats in 2018. If so, Fasano would be in line to become president of the legislature’s upper chamber.

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Lembo Continues to Deny 2010 LG Candidacy.



There he goes again. State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, fresh off many years on the sidelines, keeps saying his 2010 comptroller race was his first bid for public office. It wasn’t. This 2010 State Elections Enforcement Commission decision found that Lembo was a candidate for lieutenant governor before he exited that race in favor of Nancy Wyman, which created an opportunity in the Democratic race for comptroller as part of the Malloy team.

Lembo tells potential contributors in a solicitation sent today, “When I first ran for Comptroller, I had never run for political office in my life.” It’s not the first time Lembo has made that claim—and it’s still not true.

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Trio of Democrats Collapses. Seek Cover in List of Reforms–for 2027.

Three Senate Democrats looked into the abyss and decided to push Connecticut into it. Democrats Paul Doyle, Joan Hartley, and Gayle Slossberg were afraid to stand by what they suggested are their beliefs by voting to reject a ruinous labour deal. To distract from their flight, the trio issued what they called Twelve Reforms. Some of them would become law in 2027.

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Blunder: Klarides Taunts “So-Called” Moderate Senate Democrats.

Having failed to expend much energy on constructing a bipartisan majority coalition in the House, Minority Leader Themis Klarides lashed out Saturday morning at the Senate Democrats considering opposing a catastrophic union deal. The plan includes a four year no-layoffs guarantee and extends generous benefits to 2027.

Klarides referred to Democrats Paul Doyle, Joan Hartley and Gail Slossberg as "so-called or self-proclaimed 'moderate or conservative' Democratic senators…." The three allies have been fending off intense pressure from fellow Democrats as they scrutinize the details of the Malloy/union deal. Klarides, whose ill-timed intervention was included in a Yankee Institute statement, claimed the three Democrats "position themselves as moderates." The Derby Republican reveals her gossamer intellect by dismissing the notion that unlike her there are legislators who possess fixed beliefs.

The Klarides attack comes at the end of a week when she failed to mount a full assault on close ally and Democratic Speaker of the House Joseph Aresimowicz over the union deal. Klarides brushed aside pleas from her caucus to highlight Aresimowicz's employment with a union that includes state employee bargaining units. Insiders Saturday morning were comparing Klarides' gentle treatment of the Berlin Democrat with her venomous attack on Doyle, Hartley and Slossberg.

The Yankee Institute issued a second statement late Saturday morning praising the trio. It included praise for the three Democrats from Senate President Pro Term Len Fasano, who wrote, “These are hard-working Democrats who in the past have shown the courage and voted what was in the best interest of the state of Connecticut. They've shown a strong resolve to divorce themselves from political pressure and look solely at the facts. I am sure their decision will be based upon what they believe is the best for the state. I know their decision, whatever that may be, is a difficult one for them and will be made after careful consideration of all the facts they have before them."

Hartley in particular provides a striking contrast with insider, attention-craving Klarides. The Waterbury Democrat was removed as Co-chairman of the Higher Education Committee by Democratic caucus leaders Don Williams–now a union official–and Martin Looney because of her sensible independence. They even took away her parking space. Hartley needs no lectures from the go-along Klarides.

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Duff Tries to Divert With Tale of Rescue Dog.

Poor Bob Duff, He can’t help it if he is paralyzed by the state’s deteriorating finances. The whiny Norwalk Democrat keeps insisting everything is just fine.

To take constituent minds off the unresolved historic budget deficits (don’t ask him to explain the Senate Democratic plan) Duff is using his state email account to tell his mailing list that he’s adopted a resume dog.

Molly was found on I-95, probably trying to flee the brutal traffic delays that Duff doesn’t mention. The message includes nothing about the ruinous SEBAC vote that approaches or the 4 years of no state employee layoffs Duff is trying to impose on state taxpayers. No talk of that. Just Molly the dog. In a blinding example of virtue signaling, Duff mentions this not his first rescue dog.

Molly, Duff uses his state email account to let you know, has her own Facebook page.

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