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Prosecutors Mount Fightback Over Union Opposition to Boyle.

Frontline state prosecutors want an emergency union meeting to express their dismay at their union leaders’ secret opposition to the reappointment of Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Leonard Boyle. The rank and file were surprised by a Courant story revealing union leaders have written to the Criminal Justice Commission opposing Boyle’s reappointment over his handling of an investigation of several prosecutors and the proliferation of non-dues paying, per diem prosecutors.

Prosecutors know something about getting their hackles up. On Monday the emails and recriminations were filling cyberspace. Angry prosecutors are using union rules to force an emergency meeting of the bargaining unit. Boyle is popular with many of the troops.

Union leaders blundered if they thought they would get a serious hearing of their complaints at the Criminal Justice Commission. The commission is chaired by relentless inside operator and Supreme Court justice Richard Palmer, a longtime Boyle friend. Palmer and Boyle are so close they joined together during the Rell administration to woo favors from chief of staff Lisa Moody at evening social gatherings at local watering holes. Thus judges were made and promoted. Boyle and Palmer have been through the fires together.