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Roy Moore, RNC and Connecticut’s Two Members.

The Republican National Committee has resumed its support of accused child molester Roy Moore. This is a disturbing development in a campaign full of unseemly revelations about Moore.

Daily Ructions asked Connecticut’s two RNC members, Leora Levy and state Representative John Frey if they object.

The email inquiry sent Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.: “Do you support the RNC’s decision to assist Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore in the final days before the special election? If not, how have you made your disagreement known to the RNC leadership?”

Leora Levy responded: “Today I am eternally grateful to President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.
Re Alabama, I  supported Luther Strange in the primary. That speaks for itself.”

John Frey replied: I was relieved and very supportive when – last month – the RNC withdrew support of Moore. It was an action that I had encouraged.
I believe the victims and wouldn’t commit any resources if it were up to me. I find this turnabout very disappointing. I let my feelings known to the RNC Chairwoman. In speaking with a few other members so far, I’m not alone in my displeasure.” (Punctuation added for clarity.)