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Shalom: Republican Carter to Boost Bona Fides on Mission to Israel.

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Dan Carter will head to Tel Aviv Sunday in search of facts. The three term state legislator announced his mission on Friday afternoon. Carter hopes to join the ranks of Republicans in Washington who are the Middle East’s only democracy’s most reliable supporters in contrast to the Obama administration’s escalating hostility. 
Carter announced his trip with this statement:

BETHEL, CT: Today, Republican US Senate Candidate Dan Carter announced he will embark on a fact finding mission to Tel Aviv, Israel. 
“With so much uncertainty in the world I’m eager to travel to Israel to meet with leaders and dignitaries to discuss national security, and the global war on terror. 
“My years of service in the military taught me that policies made from behind a desk or a politician’s microphone don’t always deliver desired results. 
“I’m going to talk with leaders representing one of our nation’s greatest allies to better understand how we can work together to solve some of the world’s greatest problems.” 
Representative Carter arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel Monday and returns to Connecticut