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Something to Look Forward to: David Walker and Online Comments. Pokes at Herbst Endorsements.

David Walker, the on-again-off again Republican, does enjoy the ability to comment on internet posts. He famously promised on the essential Only in Bridgeport website to sell his Bridgeport home if Tom Foley was not elected governor three years ago. Foley lost and Walker is still here–a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor.

Walker took to the Bridgeport site to contest rival Tim Herbst’s recent list of endorsements of the excitable Trumbull Republican candidate’s public supporters. Walker writes that at least one person on the Herbst list is holding a fundraiser for him, Walker. If history is any indicator, one suspects that we will be hearing more from Walker on this.

After becoming a Republican to run for lieutenant governor in 2014, Walker came third out of three candidates in the Republican primary that Heather Somers, now a state senator, won. Walker was not gracious in defeat. The Alabama native studied accounting at Jackson University. He later received a certificate from Harvard’s Kennedy School.  The 66 year old account may have to cutback on mentions of Harvard now that the school has added the preposterous and malignant Sean Spicer to its faculty.

Updates as they become available.