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The Bushnell Offers a “Special Thanks” As It Tries to Move the Malloy Administration Its Way on State Contract.

Here’s a November 19th email from the Bushnell’s Niedmann on its attempt to win the XL Center management contract. Some Bushnell people have probably been invited to Governor Dannel P. Mallloy’s $750 a ticket fundraising event tomorrow night at the home of Alan Lazowski, who gets special thanks.

Niedmann wrote:

From: Kathleen Niedmann <kathleen_niedmann@bushnell.org>
Date: Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 4:45 PM
Subject: Bushnell Management Services – XL-Rentschler Management Contract Bid
Good afternoon, Bushnell Trustees and Overseers:

As you may know, the management contract for Rentschler Field (currently held by Bushnell Management Services) comes up for re-bid this month—it includes the management of the XL Center.  The Bushnell, through Bushnell Management Services, is proud to once again throw our hat in the ring; we will keep you posted as developments warrant. In the meantime, the following Jeff Jacobs piece from the Courant provides an overview of the current landscape.  Special thanks to Bushnell Trustee Alan Lazowski for his efforts to help us secure the bid.  Go Bushnell – Go Hartford!