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This Time, Fedele Wants Unity.

What a difference a nomination makes. Former Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele won the Republican Town Committee endorsement for mayor of Stamford Tuesday night. He followed that victory with an email Wednesday with repeated calls for party unity. “We need a united Republican party right now,” Fedele wrote. Fedele won a narrow 21-16 victory over rival Jerry Pia.

Fedele’s call for unity sounds like he’d like to avoid the September 10th primary that Pia vows to force. This is a distinct change of philosophy for Fedele. As a candidate for governor, Fedele placed a distant second at the Republican state convention behind Tom Foley. After a notably contentious primary campaign, Fedele fell a few thousand votes short on primary night at the end of a vituperative contest.

Fedele declined to endorse Foley in the general election. Foley lost to Democrat Dannel Malloy by 6,000 votes.