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This Time Jarjura is a Democrat. Former Mayor Running for Probate Judge in Waterbury Special Election.

Mike Jarjura, the former Waterbury mayor, is running for judge of probate as a Democrat in a November special election. Jarjura earned a place in political history in 2005 when he won re-election as mayor with write-in votes. Jarjura had lost the Democratic primary to Karen Mulcahy, the city tax collector.

Jarjura ran for governor as a Democrat in the eventful 2010 political cycle and switched to the comptroller’s race. He lost that summer’s primary to Kevin Lembo, who is in his second term as comptroller and is contemplating a race for governor. In that race, Jarjura accused Lembo of working as chief of staff to a right wing Republican in New York. That was Betsy McCaughey, who served as lieutenant governor of New York from 1994-1998.

Jarjura ran for re-election in Waterbury in 2011 as a Republican and was defeated in a bitter contest with retired police chief Neil O’Leary, the Democratic candidate.