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Those Damaging Cafero/CRRA Emails.

The mask of the Cafero-Ritter-CRRA axis continues to fall. Chris Keating has news of a lawsuit challenging the furtive dealings between CRRA, lobbyist and former Speaker of the House Thomas Ritter (CRRA’s “municipal liaison”), and  House Republican leader Lawrence Cafero, a partner with Ritter at the Hartford office of Brown Rudnick. The story includes quotes from a 2008 message from CRRA head Tom Kirk imploring Cafero to intervene with Governor M. Jodi Rell on the reappointment of Old Saybrook First Selectman Michael Pace as chairman of the CRRA board. The subject line in the Kirk to Cafero message reads, “Confidential Urgent-Important.” Unlike some other routine messages from CRRA to Cafero, this one went to Cafero’s Brown Rudnick law firm email address. Cafero responds from that law firm email address about 15 minutes later, promising to act, but noting that his relationship with Rell was running “cold.”

The email exchange is in the public domain and was obtained through a Freedom of Information request to CRRA. Cafero’s emails on matters of public business sent or received through his Brown Rudnick email account are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and also the authority of the state’s ethics agency.

Curiously, Kirk did not contact state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield) for assistance in securing Pace’s reappointment, though McKinney enjoyed a steadier, more cordial relationship with Rell than the scheming Cafero did. McKinney, however, does not work for a firm that CRRA pays $7,000 a month with no requirement to submit time records.