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Top Malloy Administration Official Sounds the Call for Canty. Sullivan to Democrats: We Have to Win.

Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan is urging fellow West Hartford Democrats to head for Windsor to help Leo Canty in Tuesday’s 5th Assembly District primary. The vote is a re-run of the tied contest between Canty and Hartford Democrat Brandon McGee.

An email message from Sullivan was sent to WHDTC members by Win Heimer, who made a name for himself practicing politics on state time, in support of Canty. Sullivan would have sent it himself but for his struggle with the logistics of sending an email to multiple recipients.

Here’s Sullivan’s message:

Win: I read the story in the morning’s paper and feel even worse that I will be in NH on state business Tuesday. Had wanted to email all WHDTC but do not seem to have a “send all” address. Based on your prior emails, I think you have figured out how to do this and wonder if you could send it to me. Better yet, any chance you would be willing to send out a request for our folks to help on Tuesday?

We have to win.