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Will Anyone Vet Kane? Republican Choice for Auditor Scrambles to Make Late Business Filings.

An active business with no required filing since 2014. That’s what Republican auditor nominee Rob Kane’s record showed on Tuesday morning. The former Republican state senator scrambled to backfill the hole after inquiries were made. Just another “misunderstanding” by the Republican choice to scrutinize the state’s spending of its $20 billion annual business.

Republicans are beginning to express worries about Kane’s nomination, which goes before the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee today. It appears Republican leaders skipped even a cursory vetting of Kane’s nomination. The hearing is not the ideal forum for doing that but members will have no alternative if party and committee leaders choose to forge ahead Thursday.

The auditors supervise a large staff of sober professionals. That would be a new experience for Kane. Will one brave committee member ask how Kane has treated staff members at the legislature? Has he always acted appropriately? What have his relationships with lobbyists been?

A few questions on Kane’s experience exercising authority in the legislature’s hierarchy would be a good start on the day’s hearing.